Our Commitment

MARKORA is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction through the implementation of the following plans:

Nationwide Service Centres

An ambitious plan to establish nationwide service centres is underway to maximize our service capacity and capability.

Workforce Expansion

We are now in the process of expanding our staff strength consisting of qualified and experienced personnel by 50%.

Reducing Service Response Time

We plan to reduce our response time to service calls from 4 hours to only 3 hours.

Upgrading Logistics Capability

We are purchasing more delivery vehicles to uplift our customer service level.

Main Office Expansion

We are expanding our office space to an area 3 times bigger than the current size.

Regional Operations

We are also planning to set up regional operation offices to provide more personalized service to the market.

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Info Security World Exhibition and Conference
Meet us at booth No. 3040 on the 21 - 22 March 2012 from 9am - 5pm.