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System Integration - Supply & Support
  • Servers

  • NAS

  • Network Devices

  • Telco Devices

  • Desktop & Laptops

  • System Integration

  • Vitualization

  • Maintenance & Support

Database Security Solution

  • Software & Solution Vendor

  • Database Management & Monitoring (Orange)

  • Database Access Control & Audit (Chakra, Chakra MAX)

  • Database Vulnerability Assesssment (Cyclone)

  • Database Encryption (Galea)

Document Imaging

FingerTips Document Management Solution is an easy-to-use and affordable Electronic Document Management System for enterprise business application and high-end information management.

Key features of FingerTips Electronic Document Management System

  • A one-stop windows compatible business application empowering you to expand your operations and boost profits with your existing infrastructure.

  • Leading edge technology that will give your business an effortless “quantum leap” into the information age while others grapple with outdated office methods.

  • A solution that can be integrated for the small offices, company departments or an enterprise business application.

  • Morphs your electronic documents and paper-based records into knowledge to empower your business by providing quick access to key information.

  • Improving productivity, enhancing customer services and reducing operating cost.

  • Protects vital information from damage, pilferage, theft, misplacement or loss.

  • Eliminates stack of files that clutter up every office. Now you’ll never have to “look” for any data or documents – it’ll always be here, right at your fingertips.

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